With over 50 finished herbal products in its assortment, and with leadership positions in manufacturing, processing and trade of medicinal herbs and herbal products such as tinctures, extracts, oils, BILJE BORČA extends to over 2000m2 of production facilities.

Around 30 employees annually produces more than 4 million units of finished products, 100,000 liters of various extracts, tinctures and oils and process hundreds of tons of herbal raw material. All these products have their place in regional markets such as Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Hungary and the world markets like the United States, Canada and Australia.

BILJE BORČA always gives to its clients high quality services and products with a responsible attitude towards the environment. In line with this commitment, we are constantly working on improving working conditions and equipment, i.e. automated production of capsules with a capacity of 30,000 capsules per hour and automated production line for packaging of liquid forms with a capacity 5-10000 units/hour and so on.

Production and storage area consists of three parts:

Dry phase (drier, primary mechanical processing, bulk packaging, end products - tea bags and loose te)


Liquid phase (extracts, tincture, oil extracts, end products - syrups, drops, elixirs)


Capsuling section