LORDS Tea bags

Many years of experience in working with herbs and herbal-based products combined with the current trends in the tea and herbal tea industry has enabled the BILJE BORČA company to develop the LORDS line of teabags.
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In cooperation with consultants from the USAID Agro-business project, a new range of teas was prepared which could hold its own on markets both in Europe and America. The aim was to create a product whose appearance, taste and price-quality ratio would be attractive to customers with middle as well as high purchasing power. As a result, the LORDS brand was created.

What makes LORDS teas stand out is:

  • the design which is the result of cooperation between designers from Belgrade and New York, ensuring that LORDS teas would not look out of place next to world-famous brands on shelves in Serbia, Europe and the USA

  • with the classic flavours of mint, chamomile, and hibiscus, the LORDS range includes new ones, such as blends of green tea with jasmine or mint, and black tea with orange

  • an excellent price-quality ratio as a result of the company’s other activities – BILJE BORČA is one of the biggest suppliers of raw plant material to food and pharmaceutical industries in Serbia and the surrounding region, i.e. the company grows the raw materials it uses in its teas and hence has the highest quality raw materials available to it at the most competitive prices.

  • all products are manufactured in line with the highest standards for the production of foodstuffs. Bilje Borča was the first company in its field to implement the ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System and BRC Food Issue5

Više informacija o proizvodima iz linije LORDS možete pronaći na www.lords.rs

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